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Student Engagement in Residences

Engagement activities for students in residences & PBSAs
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Mass engagement of students in halls of residence and purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) through improving sustainability literacy and introducing life-long sustainable living habits.

"Volunteering for the campaign has been a great learning experience and a good way to connect with students who share similar values, this made me feel more hopeful for the future." - Campaign Volunteer 2020-21

About the Campaign

SOS-UK’s multi award-winning Residence Engagement Campaign engages students in residences and purpose built student accommodation on environmental and social sustainability and introduces life-long sustainable living habits.

The engagement activities communicate practical advice to achieve quantifiable energy, waste and water reductions.

The campaign builds students’ foundation of sustainability knowledge and literacy, focusing on enhancing student skills and experience, mobilising students to lead on sustainability initiatives.

Participating universities and PBSAs run an overall competition with an end of year prize as part of the campaign to help build and mobilise the student community.

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If you are a student, visit our Sustainable Accommodation pages.

Stand-alone options

Wellbeing Action Weeks

Whilst living in residences or PBSAs, students can be supported via our wellbeing action weeks to increase awareness of a range of wellbeing topics, enhancing their residential experience.

Across the academic year SOS-UK will run three wellbeing action weeks focused around different themes:

  • Alcohol Harm Reduction (October 2023)
  • Community building (March 2024)
  • Self-care (May 2024)

This work builds upon the years of experience SOS-UK have improving student health and wellbeing as a core part of our vision for a more just and sustainable society. SOS-UK will deliver the action weeks either in conjunction with the Residence Engagement Campaign or run as an independent stand-alone option. Find out more about our work on Alcohol, Drugs and Student Wellbeing.

Biodiversity Action Weeks

We have seen over the past few years that students benefit from increased access to, and understanding of, nature. This improves wellbeing and provides a broader understanding of sustainability. Across the academic year SOS-UK will run three biodiversity action weeks focused around different themes:

  • Getting into nature (December 2023)
  • Supporting local wildlife (January 2024)
  • Saving the bees (May 2024)

Our biodiversity action weeks build on our experience of delivering student engagement work in this area, including Students for Trees and our Food and Farming projects.

Recycling Audits

Recycling audits in student residences and PBSAs provide a visual check of student recycling and waste segregation at key points in the year to both feedback performance to students, and to provide a greater understanding on recycling habits. Students are incentivised and informed on how and why to improve correct waste segregation. SOS-UK can deliver the audits either in conjunction with the Residence Engagement Campaign or run as an independent stand-alone option.

Support for Students in the Private Rented Sector

Our research shows that students are increasingly concerned about energy bills, and struggle with cold, damp homes. Our support package for students in the private rented sector includes a campus visit, training for students and a communication pack to share relevant information.

> View the full campaign details and costings.

SOS-UK can facilitate a bespoke student engagement package that includes elements of our core programme and/or further bespoke engagement & education activities that you would like us to run. Please get in touch for more information.

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Take sustainable actions in your student accommodation

Sustainable Accomodation

We have guidance and actions you can take to improve the sustainability of where you are living, whether you are in halls of residence, privately-rented or any other living situation.

You can find out if your university or halls provider is signed up to our student engagement campaign, which will give you additional opportunities to get involved, volunteer and win prizes.