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Getting chilly in the evenings but worried about high bills? Consider a smart meter!

Emma Lewins
November 3, 2021

Our research shows that students in privately rented accommodation are at high risk of living in cold homes – 55% of respondents to our 2017 survey said their accommodation was colder than they would like over winter, and 42% had experience of struggling to pay their energy bills. We don't believe living in poor quality housing should be a 'rite of passage' whilst at university – everyone deserves to feel comfortable at home. A smart meter could help alleviate worries about energy costs.  

What do smart meters do?  

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters that take automatic readings of your energy use and send them directly to your supplier. The in-home display (IHD) that comes with the smart meter, lets you know how much energy you are using in near real-time so you can see exactly how much you are spending on energy - rather than waiting for your energy bill.  

Why should I get one?    

Once you have a smart meter you can keep on top of your energy bills by using the smart meter in-home display to help you identify which appliances are using loads of energy, and when. For example, when you see that your computer, TV, microwave etc. are using energy at night in standby mode, you may realise turning them off at the wall instead is an easy change that will help you save both energy and money. It is one of the many ways you can contribute to having a more sustainable lifestyle by having a better awareness of your environmental impact.  

How do I get a smart meter?  

If you pay the energy bill yourself simply phone your energy provider to register your interest. The time it takes to get one installed will depend on where you live and which energy provider you are with. If your landlord pays the energy bill directly, ask them to contact the energy provider to request a smart meter for your property.*  

To find out more about smart meters, visit Smart Energy GB’s website.  

To find out more about saving energy at home, see our guides on our website and instagram account.  

Using a smart meter effectively can not only help you understand your household energy use, but also budget more effectively – and you’ll only pay for what you actually use!  

💡 Get your friends excited about smart meters – with a grant! 💡  

We have microgrants of up to £50 each available to support your ideas to share the benefits of smart meters with your friends! The application form is open and closes at 12:00 on the 19th of November 2021. Winners will be announced on the 26th of November 2021, and will have until 23:59 on the 9th of December 2021 to implement their activities and submit their proof and reach. You will be provided with guidance to help with key messaging. The terms and conditions of the grants are available here.  If you’d like to discuss your ideas prior to submission, get in touch on hello@sos-uk.org.  

We can't wait to hear about your ideas!

*Eligibility may vary. Consumer action is required.