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Inclusivity is central to sustainability but it is acknowledged that some sustainability campaigns and initiatives do not meet the needs of people who face inequality and disadvantage and often fail to address interlinking issues such as colonialism.

To support an increase in understanding that the call for climate justice is also a call for racial, gender, queer, trans, disability and class justice, this hub lists various resources to steer sustainability work and communications, and will over time be developed to provide some examples of how students' unions are collaborating with liberation groups to steer their sustainabilty work. We have grouped resources into each liberation group to help organise them and guide you. We use the term "liberation" to refer to freedom from the oppression people face because of their identities, taken from NUS' work on liberation. Several resources draw on the intersections across liberation groups recognising that people can experience multiple forms of inequality or disadvantage. You could also view the NUS decolonise education library.

Check out our Sustainability and Intersectionality Resource Hub

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