Global Goals Teach In


The 'SDG Teach In' is a campaign to put the Global Goals for Sustainable Development at the heart of education and catalyse the change needed to make this happen. The campaign ran for the first time in February 2018 and the second annual Teach In took place 18-22 February 2019. 

This year, our third Global Goals Teach-In will take place 17th - 21st February 2020, please get promoting and pledging as early as you can to maximise your impact! Share your pledges on Twitter using the hashtag #SDGTeachIn.

The Teach In calls upon educators across all stages of education to pledge to include the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within their teaching, learning, and assessment on their course(s) / in their classrooms during the week of the 17th - 21st February 2020. 

See how you and other institutions ranked last year on our "Global Goals Teach-In 2019" web page!


"The Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all are at the heart of Oxfam’s mission to fight inequality and end poverty. We’re excited to campaign with the NUS to raise awareness of the Goals and call on students everywhere to participate in their implementation."

"Contributing towards the SDGs is a key role universities must fulfil, and embedding this into teaching is a great place to start. The NUS 'SDG Teach In' is a brilliant initiative, designed to raise awareness of the SDGs and motivate the next generation of change agents to take action on them."


"The United Nations Principles for Responsible Management (PRME) Initiative is a global network of business schools committed to research, teaching and learning that lead to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. On behalf of its 8O signatory members, the PRME Chapter UK and Ireland confirms its support for the NUS SDG Teach-In 2019 and will encourage its members to work locally with student unions to make the week the success it needs to be."


"TEESNet (Teacher Education for Equity and Sustainability Network) is delighted to support the NUS’ Global Goals Teach In. The SDGs  are at the forefront of our work bringing together universities, NGOs, schools  and all those concerned with the training of new teachers,  so we welcome the opportunity to focus attention on incorporating the SDGs across teaching and learning."


'We're encouraging our network of Rethinking Economics student groups to join the calls to include the Global Goals in teaching during the week and beyond. Incorporating sustainability into economics education is key to achieving our vision of economies that work for people and planet.' 


"The SDG teach-in is a worthwhile initiative which will be an important step for institutions to take along the path of creating a culture of meaningful partnership, whilst also addressing global concerns"