We've been nominated for a UNESCO award

Monday 06-07-2015 - 09:55

Our pilot cohort of students' unions and institutions have been nominated for the first ever UNESCO-Japan prize for education for sustainable development thanks to our work through Responsible Futures.

The UK National UNESCO Commission nominated our 13 students' unions and institutions for this incredible UN-led award for transforming learning environments. Read the cover letter and the nomination form to find out more.

Working in partnerships between universities, colleges and students’ unions, Responsible Futures offers a framework for ensuring that sustainability can thrive in every single curriculum.

Addressing criteria in a workbook across the academic year, an indpendent audit evaluates whether they've done enough to receive an accredidation mark demonstrating their commitment to education for sustainable development. After its pilot year, its impact is already gaining recognition.

This builds on nicely from the news that we’ve passed policy around education for sustainable development for the first time in our 91 year history.

Submitted by Leeds University Union to National Conference earlier this year, it was approved by the National Executive Council this month.

This policy underlines our commitment to helping students get the skills, knowledge and attributes that they need to thrive in a sustainable society, no matter what they study.

It also commits us to continue to concentrate on programmes like Responsible Futures for supporting institutions and students’ unions in advancing this agenda, as well as lobbying government for a UK-wide strategy on education for sustainable development.

Being nominated for a UNESCO award in this field is an amazing testament to what we’ve achieved so far on this agenda through Responsible Futures, and we can’t wait to find out whether or not we win later this year.

But before that, be sure to watch out for the results of the first round of Responsible Futures audits, and find out which institutions and students’ unions have been accredited later this month. We can't wait to share what amazing things you've done already, and to do so much more over the years ahead to shape an education fit for the decades ahead.

Email us to find out more about taking part in Responsible Futures.

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