Announcing the first year of accreditations...

Tuesday 23-06-2015 - 09:34

We’re so excited to have accredited our first cohort of Responsible Futures participants – showcasing world leading work in shaping education for sustainable development.

Over the last year, thirteen students’ unions and their institutions have worked together to get sustainability into every curriculum through our new programme Responsible Futures.

Following an independent student-led auditing process over the last few weeks, we were proud to award the partnerships today with their accreditation, or an acknowledgement of working towards accreditation.

Together, we’ve taken nearly 400 actions on education for sustainable development this year. All of the participating institutions have surveyed their students to gauge attitudes towards ESD, as well as forming a working group including senior members of staff to drive this agenda.

Many of the participants also passed formal policy to support education for sustainable development, as well as getting sustainability into graduate or learner attributes.

At the sustainability roundtable 2015, the participants received their accreditations – showcasing their dedication to ensuring that students get the skills, attributes and experiences they need to thrive in our emerging low carbon economy.

Student auditors across the country commented on how inspiring it was to see their institutions taking education for sustainable development so seriously. Among the cohort this year, we truly see world leading efforts on promoting ESD – collaborating across departments and institutions to transform the student experience.

We know that 80 per cent of students want their institution to do more on sustainability, and 60 per cent want to learn more about it. With a framework like Responsible Futures to support their efforts, students’ unions and institutions are being empowered to take real action on reforming their curriculums.

You can take part in Responsible Futures this year. Get in touch with us to find out more, and embed sustainability across your curriculums.

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