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Student opinion on access to nature and education action

In August 2023 we asked students about their relationship with, and access to, nature and their university/college’s action on nature. The survey was sent out to TOTUM cardholders and 2925 students responded.

Some of they findings are:

  • 88% of students feel they can have fun and enjoy themselves in nature
  • 19% of students don't have way to get to places where they can enjoy nature near them
  • 86% of respondents think that all universities/colleges should take action to protection and support nature on their grounds or on other land they own
  • 64% of respondents think their university/college should provide opportunities for students to experience nature

The survey results have been weighted to be nationally representative of the UK higher education student population - no equivalent statistics for further education are available.

For more information, read the full report or read more about our nature programmes and projects.


Student opinion on access to nature and education action