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Wilder Campuses Advisory Programme

Helping you make student-led decisions on your next steps for nature
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What is the Wilder Campuses Advisory Programme

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world and there is significant potential to help wildlife flourish on campuses. Eighty-six percent of students think that universities and colleges should act to protect and support nature on their grounds. SOS-UK’s brand-new Wilder Campuses helps you to make informed, student-led decisions on what you can do for nature.

What is included in the Wilder Campuses Advisory Programme

Our exciting package of support includes:

  • An initial support call
  • A student nature consultation
  • A habitat survey training course for your students
  • A final report, including habitat survey and findings from the student consultation

Your journey begins with an initial support call with our Biodiversity team. This gives us a chance to understand how your grounds are currently managed, what’s on your biodiversity action plan if you have one and what your nature goals are. This is also a chance to discuss the next steps.

We'll conduct an in-person consultation, supporting you and your students to co-create Biodiversity Action Plans. The consultation will take place over a half-day, creating space for you to discuss your plans with students, and give students the chance to feed into them. We’ll capture student opinions during the consultation for you to include in your plans. This consultation will be particularly useful if you’ve yet to write a Biodiversity Action Plan, or your current plan is due to be reviewed.  

Next, we visit your campus to deliver a habitat survey training course. This will give your students the skills and knowledge to explore, observe, and document what's already on your campus, turning campus grounds into living laboratories. This is a really unique student experience that is useful for universities that need to document what’s on campus, but also for those that need to monitor changes.  

Finally, we’ll produce your Wilder Campuses report. The report will include the results from the student consultation, helping you to plan your next steps for nature. It will also include results from the student habitat survey and advice for habitat creation as well as a recommended supplier list from our network of partners.  


The full programme costs can be found on our 2024-2025 offer document. This is a pilot programme, so we can be flexible on the elements of the programme and cost.

There is a bolt on option to access our national student nature opinion survey which you can share with your students.  

For more information, contact jo.wilkinson@sos-uk.org.