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COP26 Educators' Commitment to Climate Action

A global pledge to embed climate and ecological learning in education
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The impact of climate crisis education is immense. Teach the Future's COP26 Educators' Commitment to Climate Action aims to empower students and pupils to make sustainable decisions, to advocate for systemic change and to inspire others to do the same in their educational institutions.

  • We know that pupils want to learn about the climate crisis - 2020-21 SOS-UK research found that out of 4600 pupils in primary and secondary school, 84% of respondents agree that all schools and colleges should be encouraging and helping pupils do things to help the environment and 71% are interested in learning more about the environment.
  • Of nearly 7000 students surveyed globally by SOS-International, 92% agree that sustainable development is something which all universities and colleges should actively incorporate and promote. 85% say the concept is something they want to learn more about, and 73% want to see it covered by all courses.
  • 2021 research from Teach the Future found 70% of teachers feel they have not received adequate training to educate students on climate change, its implications for the environment and societies around the world, and how these implications can be addressed (n=7682 respondents, all UK nations, primary and secondary education).
  • Recent research from the Brookings Institution shows that if only 16 percent of secondary/high school students in high- and middle-income countries were to receive climate change education, we could see a nearly 19 gigaton reduction of carbon dioxide by 2050.  

Make the Pledge!

Join us in responding to school, college and university students' and pupils' demands, and protect people and planet from the biggest challenge facing us. Pledge to embed climate and ecological learning in teaching, and teacher/educator training provisions at all levels of formal education.

In support of high ambition at COP26, we are calling on teachers, educators, education leaders/managers, and individuals or organisations worldwide involved in training current and future educators to pledge their commitment to progressing climate education. We need to see climate learning embedded from primary school level through to post-16 and adult education.

Sign the pledge here.

Organisations can become supporting organisations of this campaign by sending their logo to hello@sos-uk.org. In return we ask that you use your networks to get us pledges.


As an initial step to progressing the embedding of sustainability and climate learning in education, you might like to 'give it a go' through SOS-UK's annual UN SDG Teach-In. This runs for a fortnight each year and calls on educators of students and pupils to pledge that they will embed the UN Sustainable Development Goals into teaching and learning during that fortnight. Find out more about the SDG Teach-in taking place 21st February - 4th March 2022.

Read more about the Teach the Teacher campaign launched in the UK and has been running across 20 countries throughout October. The purpose of the campaign is to draw attention to the fact that governments haven’t reskilled teachers on the climate crisis. The campaign sees students from across the globe reverse roles with their teachers and provide lessons with up-to-date climate science which reflects the urgency of the climate crisis. The campaign which is being delivered by Teach the Future, Mock COP and SOS-UK.

List of Signatories

You can see the organisations that have taken the COP26 Educators 'Commitment to Climate Action here.

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