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How Farming Can Cool The Planet

Finding a united voice on food, farming, and the climate and nature crises
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How Farming Can Cool The Planet is a collaborative project between SOS-UK, FLAME (the youth branch of the Landworkers' Alliance), and NFYFC (the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs).

Through farm visits, speaking at events and creating resources, the project enables students, FLAME members and young farmers with different lived experiences to share their stories with each other, to find common ground, and to ultimately have a united voice so they can tackle the climate crisis through food and farming together.

What we do

Farm visits

These provide an opportunity for students, FLAME members and young farmers to see agroecological farming in practice and to spend time with people who may have different experiences and views to them about food, farming and the climate. The overall purpose is to take people from their usual environment to a different environment to look, learn and discuss food, farming, the climate and nature. The project encourages the exploration of thoughts and assumptions and gives us the opportunity to record and share the outcome of these via our three partner organisations.

Speaking at events

The project gives a platform for students, FLAME members and young farmers to talk about food, farming and the climate and to share their different lived experiences and stories in a supported non-judgemental way. The aim is to show the value of collaboration, that you can always find common ground, and to show why having a united youth voice is so important in tackling the climate crisis through food and farming.

Producing educational resources

The aim of these is to clearly explain the links between climate, nature, farming and food justice, and what actions people can take to create a positive impact. This infographic is an example of what has been created by students, FLAME members and young farmers so far.

First page says: We are young people with different experiences and backgrounds who are involved in food, farming or climate action. We all believe farming can produce good food and help address the climate and ecological emergencies we face. We are sharing our experiences and visions...to think about how farming can help cool the planet. Second page says: How can farming help combat climate change? By increasing our carbon stores in soils, forests, wetlands, and meadows. By improving soil quality to prevent runoff and reduce flooding. By working with landscapes, farmers can restore ecosystem services, by protecting soils through cover crops and rotations to enrich carbon stores. Why is it important? Farmland covers 70% of the UK, agriculture currently produces one tenth of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions, and the National Farmers Union have committed to net zero across England and Wales by 2040. How can you support? Ask where your food comes from, buy local, sustainable food, work on your local farm or community growing project, find out where your school, college or university sources its food. Third page says: Whether we talk about regenerative agriculture, nature-friendly farming, agroecology or sustainable agriculture, we all believe farming can be part of the solution. Justice: right to land, food sovereignty, right to healthy food. Ecosystems: more diverse habitats, integrating natural systems, water catchment. Climate mitigation: carbon neutral inputs, protecting soil carbon. All three together will stop habitat destruction, create climate resilient farming and restore soils.


With many thanks to Farming The Future who fund this project.

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