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Wilding Campuses

Tilly Jarvis
April 26, 2022

The UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world and we are living through an ecological crisis. Returning to wilder ecosystems should not just be left to a few large landowners or the big conservation charities - everyone who owns or manages land can help restore nature.


Wilding Campuses is not a rewilding programme, through this programme we won’t be bringing bison, wolves or bears to roam across campuses! Instead, we aim to support the ambitious management of university and college campuses that brings people, plants and wildlife into these spaces in a way that:

1.   increases the abundance and diversity of plants and wildlife on campuses

2.   empowers students (and others) to tackle the climate crisis and reconnect them to nature, one of our oldest and most fragile forms of heritage

See our Concept note for more details.


We are applying for funding from the Heritage Fund to pilot this programme for two years at four institutions. Ideally we would like at least one college, and one local partnership between different institutions to be part of the pilot. Would you be interested in being one of these institutions? Fill in our Expression of Interest Form now!


The programme will be coordinated by SOS-UK who will create a Wilding Campuses network, organise events, deliver training, build national recognition of the programme, undertake monitoring and evaluation, share results, and seek additional support post pilot.


We are looking for four institutional partnerships (university/college and students’ union) to work with us during the pilot. If selected, you will receive around £38K to deliver the pilot at your institution include:

•     Funding to employ a local project manager for 1 day a week to coordinate efforts on campus

•     Funding for items like trees and hedgerows for planting, biodiversity monitoring equipment, materials needed for the creation of wildlife habitats, and communication materials (including signage and interpretation boards)

•     Budget for local specialist advice (e.g. heritage skills training like hedge laying, advise from a local ecologist etc),volunteer engagement, inclusivity to ensure a wider range of people are involved in heritage, and for delivery of local knowledge sharing events


Would you be interested inbeing one of our pilot institutions? Find more details in our Concept note and complete our Expression of Interest Form by midnight Friday 20th May 2022. Please contact odette.wills@sos-uk.org if you have any questions.