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The SOS-UK team continues to grow

Rachel Soper
May 10, 2022

So far in 2022, we have welcomed six new core members of staff at SOS-UK, growing our passionate team. Read how some of them found their first month working at SOS-UK below.

Jo Wilkinson joined us as a senior project manager, bringing her experience of the well-respected Hedgehog Friendly Campus programme to SOS-UK.
“I’ve been with SOS-UK since April 2022 as Senior Project Manager, working on the Hedgehog Friendly Campus programme. It’s a remote role, but the team have all been supportive, helping me navigate my way around the digital resources. SOS-UK have this lovely Buddy system, where new starters are teamed up with a veteran staff member. It’s really useful, because you know there’s always a friendly face you can ask if you’ve misplaced a link or can’t find a file! It’s also been really inspiring to see the breadth of knowledge within the team and the influence the programmes and campaigns are having within education and beyond. I’m really looking forward to having the chance to shout about the importance of biodiversity in sustainability!”
Bethany Holmes joined in a brand new project officer role, also supporting the Hedgehog Friendly Campus within SOS-UK.
"I started working for SOS-UK in March as a Project Officer on a national campaign named Hedgehog Friendly Campus, funded by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. The role entails far more than I ever expected, which is a positive thing! I’ve gained valuable skills in such a short period of time. During my first month I was given plenty of assistance, and time to learn the ropes before delving into my tasks and responsibilities, some of which include designing a new website for the project and creating social content. The team at SOS-UK were super welcoming when I joined, there really are some wonderful people at this charity, working on some really incredible projects. I sometimes have to pinch myself that this is actually my job?! Working here has given me a huge insight into the sustainability world and the sort of campaigns, and projects run by SOS-UK. It feels great to be part of something that is really making a difference! Special thanks to my manager Jo who is extremely supportive and is always pushing me to succeed. I can’t wait to see where the role takes me in the future!" 
Tori Morris joined our team of project managers and is based in Worcestershire, delivering a wide range of sustainability projects and campaigns.
“I joined the SOS-UK team back in February this year and it’s been a fantastic few months so far. I can honestly say, it’s such a welcoming organisation and I felt immediately at home and part of the team which is a great achievement when you consider that most of the team (myself included) are home-based! A really great part of my job is being able to work on an incredibly huge range of different programmes and campaigns. Before I started, I didn’t quite appreciate that full breadth and depth of SOS-UK’s work, it truly is amazing how much the organisation is working on. So far, my main project areas have been Green Impact, Homes fit for Study and Carbon Targets. I have also dedicated much of my time to delivering training and workshops on a range of sustainability themes, this is probably my favourite part of the job. I really love being able to share my passion with others to help empower and motivate them to integrate sustainability into their own life and workplace. Working with SOS-UK is really broadening my horizons, since working here I have learned so much and am continuing to do so from my colleagues, my research and all the wonderful individuals we are engaging with on a daily basis. I’m excited to be a part of the SOS-UK’s future journey, I have no doubt that there will be more challenges ahead of us, but we will overcome these together to drive positive change for sustainability!”
Jasmine Burton joined the team as a wellbeing project officer, supporting our wellbeing work.
"I began working for SOS-UK in March as a Wellbeing Project Officer within the wellbeing team, our primary focus being to reduce harm associated with drug and alcohol use at university. It is a remote position which takes some adapting, however it offers me the flexibility to focus on my wellbeing throughout the day, in terms of walking our dog during lunch breaks and sitting in the garden for a coffee and a meeting! The others within the team have been incredibly welcoming and supportive, making my first few months at SOS-UK so lovely. The role has already enabled me to develop various skills, to improve both professionally and personally. I have a fantastic manager and we work in a way that is effective for us both, there is also a buddy system within the organisation wherein each new team member has another member of staff to chat with and reach out to if there is anything you want to talk about or need some help with. I have found it so enlightening to work on programmes that are having a real-world and current impact on the wellbeing of individuals. Also, it is really interesting to see and hear about the breadth of sustainability work going on within the organisation and the difference that every team member is making within their specific area and programme. I am excited to continue working with SOS-UK and to contribute to the wellbeing of university students."

Thanks to all our new team members for bringing their skills, knowledge and passion to SOS-UK and supporting us to further our work. If you’re interested in joining the team, you can find out about current vacancies at http://sos-uk.org/jobs.

For future opportunities, make sure to follow us on social media as all our vacancies are posted across our channels.