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Students' Union Offering 2022-23

July 19, 2022

We continue to innovate our existing programmes and campaigns, such as Green Impact Students’ Unions (GISU), our flagship sustainability awards and support programme; Invest for Change, our campaign to radically reform how universities invest their endowments; and Drug & Alcohol Impact which supports institutions and SUs to embed social norms of responsible drinking across campuses, alongside taking action to move away from a zero-tolerance approach to student drug use.

As part of our learning opportunities for SUs, we are running our virtual Officer Sustainability Bootcamp for the third year running and we will be running Carbon Literacy training for SUs in January.

We have an exciting range of new offers for students’ unions, including the Hedgehog Friendly Campus Award; Homes Fit For Study; Food and Farming Network; and Food Growing Network.

Embedding sustainability across campuses, curriculums and communities is fundamental to representing our students, and strengthening our students’ unions. We’d like to thank you for working with us and leading on this, building upon many years of experience that NUS and SOS-UK have in mobilising positive change around environmental and social issues on campus and the wider community.

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Intro to GISU welcome webinar- 5th October 2022, 3pm. Sign up here.

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