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Students around the world want action on sustainability

This year we completed our eighth consecutive year of research with students studying in the UK, looking at their expectations for and experiences of teaching and learning for sustainable development. For the first time, we�ve also looked into the same experiences and expectations amongst students studying in other countries around the world, finding similar if not higher demand for action and opportunities for learning in this area.

In 2018, NUS worked with a range of international partners including individual universities, other national students� unions, and organisations working to further sustainability within the higher education sector.  We received over 3000 responses from students studying around the world.


These students told us of an almost universal (91%) expectation to see action on sustainability from their place of study, and also of a similarly high demand to learn more about sustainable development. 


As with the research we�ve conducted in the UK, students around the world told us of their desire to continue their involvement with sustainability beyond their time in education � 61% told us they would accept a salary sacrifice lower than average to work in a company with a positive social and environmental record. 


Within the survey, students were also asked for their views on climate change, an issue that students in the UK have frequently identified as the most important issue facing the world today.  This research reflected these findings with 93% saying they want to see governments around the world do whatever it takes to address climate change.


You can read the full details of the research in our report here.  Information on the annual research carried out in the UK can be found here.  We hope to repeat the research again in 2019 and if you�re interested in being part of the research please get in touch.