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Student story completing environmental audits in Bristol

It's my pleasure to share my experience as a Green Impact Environmental Auditor. I took part in a hospital audit with North Bristol NHS Trust, and a Bristol-based student accommodation audit with Unite Students (under the programme name Positive Impact).

During the process of the audits, I interviewed staff who are leading on the Green Impact programme. I also conducted spot checks as well as document checks.

As an overseas student, I have always been seeking chances to fit in the environment and sharpen my language skills. Much to my surprise, the Green Impact and Positive Impact audit provided me this, way beyond my expectations. You can meet people who really care about sustainability and environmental protection in the projects. The people I met in the programme were just very kind, and all of them were eager to tell me what they have done to support the projects. I can feel their enthusiasm and passion when I talked to them. I also understand what improvements have been made since the project started. To see how something keeps changing in a positive way, this is a one-of-a-kind experience you can get nowhere else. I would say it is definitely a great opportunity for those who want to have real contact with the local people and feel what it is like to be a member of society. 

Before I came to the UK for postgraduate studies, I used to work as a financial auditor. This experience was also part of the reason I wanted to join the programme, because I was curious about how audits are like in the UK. However, you don't need to have any experience as an auditor to enjoy this meaningful event. In my opinion, it's not only suitable for students who are pursuing a job as an auditor, but also ideal for anyone to meet new people and make some contribution to the world.

Student Auditor

 Tung-Ying, Postgraduate student, University of Bristol