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Responsible Futures Host Partnership 2021-22

Marta Nowicka
December 17, 2021

MMU Partnership achieving the Responsible Futures accreditation.


SOS-UK are very happy to announce our 2021-22 Host Partnership for Responsible Futures – Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester Metropolitan University Students' Union.

Partnerships apply to become Host Partnerships and play a leadership role in the Responsible Futures programme for one academic year. To be considered, a Partnership needs to be RF accredited and willing to share their best practice and learnings, and support other Partnerships’ development and achievement of the RF accreditation. Collaboration, discussion, and knowledge exchange are key components of the programme, and provide learning opportunities for all participants. Peer support can be especially useful for new partnerships as they come across challenges on their way to accreditation.


Here is what the Students’ Union and University have to say about embarking on the journey of being a Host Partnership:

Manchester Metropolitan University and The Union at Manchester Metropolitan University are proud to be a Responsible Futures host partnership for 2021/22. We are looking forward to sharing approaches with other Responsible Futures partnerships, with a focus on exploring decolonising and decarbonising the curriculum, and sharing our experiences in developing Manchester Met’s new Sustainability Strategy to 2026.”

“The MMU Students’ Union is excited to support Manchester Metropolitan University in its continued Responsible Futures partnership. Sustainability is a core issue for our students, so it’s wonderful to work with an institution that is committed to sustainable practice. Furthermore, the work on decolonizing and decarbonizing is greatly appreciated. These interlinked issues are urgently felt by our students, and the communal approach of a Host Partnership seems an appropriate way to begin to address them.”

Cynan Orton, Societies and Development Officer

We are delighted to become a Responsible Futures Host Partnership for 2021/22. Ours was one of the first accredited Responsible Futures partnerships, reflecting our commitment to embed sustainability and social responsibility in our formal and informal curricula. Our vision is to equip all those within our sphere of influence with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to act on sustainable development. As advocates and active participants of Responsible Futures, we are looking forward to sharing ideas, successes, and challenges to support other partnerships to achieve Responsible Futures accreditation.

Professor Andy Dainty, Pro-Vice Chancellor Education


We can’t wait to see what the participating Partnerships achieve this year within Responsible Futures and are very grateful to MMU and MMU SU for taking on the challenge and supporting the programme delivery this year.

If you are interested in learning more about Responsible Futures please visit the websiteview the sign-up details, or contact Meg Baker