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Renewable power for people

April 11, 2022
Yasmin Turner

Yasmin Turner is an intern at Power for People, a not-for-profit organisation, campaigning for the UK to rapidly transition to 100% clean energy and for this to benefit local communities.

It should be easy for the public to practice sustainable living. Unfortunately, outdated laws and regulations keep us from being able to make eco-conscious choices without breaking the bank or being inconvenienced. If we want to make it easier for all of us to reduce our emissions, we need to come together and put pressure on the government to make significant legislative change. It is this mix of public lobbying and government intervention which I find so interesting, and why I decided to volunteer at the grassroots campaign Power for People.  

Power for People is a not-for-profit who are campaigning for the Local Electricity Bill to be made law, which would unblock community renewable energy in the UK. Individuals would be able to purchase their energy from clean energy sources, like a school with solar panels or a community energy cooperative group. This would encourage more investment in renewable energy, keep money within the community, and help the UK transitionto a net-zero emissions.  Currently 302 MPs support the Bill, but we are working towards continually increasing this number so that the Bill can be passed. You can support the campaign by contacting your MP.

I have been volunteering at Power for People for nine months, and in my time here, I have seen just how important grassroots campaigning is for legislative environmental change. No two days have been the same here, and I have helped with tasks such as researching and reaching out to supportive organisations, social media management and database organisation. Power for People has a remarkable collaborative work environment, and even as a volunteer, I have been encouraged to share my ideas when we have weekly team meetings and discussions.

As a current undergraduate student who researches sustainable fashion, this inspires me that there is real hope for change. I would love to see a Bill proposed in this area to make sustainable fashion both economically viable and easy to engage with. My experience with Power for People has given me the drive and enthusiasm to continue campaigning for the environment even when my time here finishes. On to the next campaign!