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Meet our new organisations from 2018

We had a very exciting 2018 growing our Green Impact programme into new and exciting sectors. We now work with 10 NHS Trusts, over 60 businesses across the Isle of Wight plus new universities - see who joined the community below!

Green Impact continues to prove that staff working collaboratively across any organisation or business achieves carbon and costs savings whist also improving knowledge and understanding on how each sector can become more sustainable in the way they work. In 2018 we have had 19 new organisations sign up and they have already achieved some fantastic results!

Birmingham Womens and Childrens Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

We're very excited to welcome two new hospitals this year in Birmingham, you can read more about both of these hospitals and how they are finding being part of the Green Impact community in our article here. 

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

Launched in the summer of 2018 at their annual sustainability garden party which was supported by their network of Green Champions. You can read more about the Birmingham hospitals in our article here. 

University of Birmingham Laboratory teams 

Have 18 new laboratories taking part so far this year and are working hard to ensure their labs are becoming more resource efficient. They even have their own Green Impact lead board! See more about this in our article here. 

The Going the Extra Mile project in Gloucestershire

Funded by the Big Lottery and the EU have signed up to Green Impact to engage their funded organisations with sustainability. See more about GEM here.

The Francis Crick Institute 

Is a biomedical research institute in central London and a partnership between Cancer Research UK, Imperial College London, King's College London, the Medical Research Council, University College London and the Welcome Trust. The institute launched Green Impact with a workshop with their network of 80 environmental champions and now have over 104 staff signed up to take part in 27 teams - what a great start! 

Public Health England East Dentists

Essex and Anglia local dental network are now taking part in Green Impact to improve the sustainable practices of dental surgeries within these regions. We'll keep you up to date with this exciting programme throughout this year. 

Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce

In partnership with the Isle of Wight Council have engaged over 60 businesses on the island with Green Impact. Students from the Isle of Wight College also have the unique opportunity of a 1 week placement conducting environmental audits of the island businesses. Read more about our innovative approach to engaging local businesses with sustainability here.

Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

Our partners RootAbility are working closely with WUR supporting them to grow their sustainability work across the university building by building. You can read more about our European work here. 

Maastricht University 

Located in the Netherlands launched Green Impact in October 2018 and you can read more about our European work from our partners RootAbility here. 

Ku Leuven

Is a university based in Belgium and before taking part in Green Impact the university had 15 Ecoteams, now in their first year of Green Impact they have 32 teams! Read more about them here.

Utrecht University

Can also be found in the Netherlands and are focusing on engaging one building at a time through Green Impact to steadily build a growing network of sustainable champions across the university. Read more about them here.

Monash University 

Is a public research university based in Melbourne, Australia and Green Impact is being coordinated by their Wellbeing and Sustainability team. Read more about our Australasian network of universities here. 

University of Otago

Is a collegiate university located in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand and are our first university in New Zealand to join Green Impact! See how they are getting on with Green Impact here. 

University of Adelaide

Is a public university local in Adelaide, South Australia and in 2018 saw 427 sustainable actions competed through 65 staff and PHD students working together on Green Impact which is a great first year! 

RMIT University

RMIT University is an Australian public research university located in Melbourne. See their great video on how they are reducing their carbon emissions!

Deakin University

Is located in Victoria, Australia Green Impact supports Deakin's Sustainability Aspirations and commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and to strive towards sustainable progress and achievements.

La Trobe University

Is a multi campus university based in Melbourne, Australia and you can read more about our Australasian network of universities here. 

Swinburne University

Is also based in Melbourne, Australia and are encouraging teams and staff and students to take part in Green Impact.

University of Tasmania

Is our first organisation on the island of Tasmania to take part in Green Impact and you can read more from ACTs on our Australasian network of universities here. 


We're thrilled to see the growth of Green Impact across new sectors and continents and thank everyone who is part of Green Impact for your continued support and enthusiasm for creating a network of sustainability champions across the world!