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Join our student challenge summer school with RED WoLF

Rachel Soper
April 12, 2021

Students are invited to enrol in the RED WoLF summer school 2021: an online, flexible, part-time programme where students will work in interdisciplinary groups to problem-solve real world challenges relating to social and environmental sustainability.

RED WoLF stands for 'Rethink Electricity Distribution Without Load Following'. The RED WoLF Project aims to increase the use of renewables and reduce CO2 emissions from home electricity. The project utilises technology to store renewable energy output from the Power Grid at times of low demand, so it can be used when demand is higher. Find out more about RED WoLF here.

The summer school will take place entirely online from June – August 2021, where small groups will develop impactful projects, research or initiatives addressing real-world challenges faced by the RED WoLF project. Through taking part, students will develop and demonstrate transferable professional and academic skills and apply them to challenges which are addressing the climate emergency, with potential to make a real impact on RED WoLF project outcomes. Students will also have the opportunity to meet and work with like-minded students from across North-West Europe, and present to high profile stakeholders. All students will earn a digital badge upon completion of the programme to demonstrate participation, and skills gained.

The summer school is extra-curricular and voluntary with an expected time commitment of roughly 1 day per week over the nine-week programme (flexible around other commitments). Full information about the summer school can be found on the information sheet here. Up to 60 fully funded places will be offered to successful students.

Students can apply here (deadline 7th May): bit.ly/redwolfschool.

For further information, contact Rachel Soper, senior project manager - education at SOS-UK (Rachel.Soper@sos-uk.org).