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Is your bank funding fossil fuels?

February 14, 2022

HSBC and Barclays are two of the world’s biggest funders of fossil fuels. In fact, many UK banks that many of us bank with are funding dodgy industries – just check out our Banking With Who? Guide.

Every week, there are new climate commitments announced. In fact, both HSBC and Barclays say that they’re taking climate action seriously - yet they’re still funding fossil fuel companies and projects that are destroying the world’s hopes of meeting critical climate targets.

We’re supporting Market Forces, a campaigning organisation, to feature human stories of people who’ve decided not to bank with HSBC or Barclays and put these testimonies in front of staff at these banks.

They can either stop funding fossil fuels and keep their customers, or continue destroying the planet and face the threat of customers speaking out against them.

Have you recently stopped banking with HSBC or Barclays, or are you considering leaving them? Or do you know someone who has?

If you have a story about why you’re not banking with HSBC *or* Barclays for climate change reasons, Market Forces UK would love to hear about it.

Tell Market Forces why you’re not banking with HSBC or Barclays by clicking here.

If your story is picked, it’ll be featured in the press and on social media and you’ll need to be comfortable with being photographed and filmed. Market Forces will work with you before we share your story and won’t share anything without your permission. 

We’re really keen to make sure the student voice is heard – so please do share this amongst any networks and friends, and get in touch if you want to know more or have any questions!