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Hear from ACTs on how Australasia are doing on Green Impact

This year 14 universities in Australia and New Zealand are now taking part in Green Impact. Our partners Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) share with us their success in engaging new institutions and how they are looking to grow across different sectors.

ACTS partnered with NUS on Green Impact and deliver the programme across Australasia with great success. Last year ACTS piloted Green Impact and had 8 participating institutions signing up to take part and now they are proud to have 14 across Australia and New Zealand already committed to 2019! 

Each and everyone one of their 2018 institutions met or exceeded expectation levels for participation in the pilot year and at one institution 77% of participants reported that they "really enjoyed it" and 23% reported that "it was fantastic"' which is brilliant feedback to have in the first year of coordinating the programme! 

Not only do ACTS support institutions across Australasia, one of their participating universities also had two of their Vietnamese campuses take part in 2018, which is incredible and really shows the versatility of Green Impact that anyone can take part to make their organisation more sustainable.

Student involvement has also been a huge success especially at the University of Melbourne who has 92 students attend the Green Impact Project Assistant training and had 32 student auditors - incredible achievement! 

Green Impact has generated a lot of interest outside of the HE sector there, and ACTS are already in early conversations with a range of organisations to see how the program can help improve engagement for sustainability in a non-campus environmental.


Rhi from ACTS has said "The model is so flexible that motivation to drive Green Impact in our sector is extremely high - we can't wait to see where it will be in a few years time!"


We can't wait to share with you over the coming year the successes from ACTS and if you would like to know more about Green Impact in Australasia you can see which institutions are taking part here or please email sustainability@nus.org.uk and we can put you in touch!