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Get involved in SHAPE Sustainability Impact Projects 2023-24!

Kedijah Eaves-O'Connor
October 24, 2023

We are currently seeking institutions across the UK to take part in the fourth year of our SHAPE Sustainability Impact Projects initiative, an applied learning opportunity for students from the arts, humanities and social sciences. Staff from each participating institution will pitch real-world local sustainability challenges to interdisciplinary teams of their students who will then work over the following months to problem-solve these challenges, with support from SOS-UK and the British Academy.


The project aims to engage students and academics in realising the relevance and impact of their disciplines in tackling environmental, social, and economic sustainability challenges by using an applied learning ‘living laboratory’ model. Students’ and academics’ own institutions, as well as the local community, will serve as the testbed for their ideas, enabling an understanding of the impact of their field of study in a local and hands-on context. The project adopts British Academy’s use of the term SHAPE to describe Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts for the People and the Economy/Environment.


Why take part?

  • There is no cost to institutions or students for participation, the project is fully funded by the British Academy.
  • Institutions and students will receive support and training provided by SOS-UK (including building and maintaining links with the local community and applying different disciplines to sustainability solutions).
  • SHAPE Impact Projects provides the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other institutions and community organisations.
  • SHAPE Impact Projects gives students the chance to co-create solutions to some of your biggest sustainability challenges.
  • An opportunity for students to present their work, gain detailed feedback and network with other students from up to 3 other institutions. Check out our blog post for an outline of the 2022-23 conference.

A full overview of the project can be viewed here. Please fill in this form to express your interest in taking part and email kedijah.eavesoconnor@sos-uk.org if you have any questions. The deadline for expressions of interest is EOD Friday 24th November 2023. There is no cost to institutions or students for participation, but spaces are very limited. We will be selecting the final institutions based on regional diversity and the potential to reach a diverse range of students from across the arts, humanities and social sciences.