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SOS-UK’s For Good Platform Implements Ethical Careers Policy

March 16, 2022

For Good provides students with project, research and placement opportunities to use their education as a force for good.  The programme partners students with organisations to support them to contribute to real world challenges whilst developing a range of sustainability skills.

We deliver these kind of programmes because we believe education plays a key role in supporting learners to develop skills, attributes, and knowledge to contribute to climate justice - and we work to harness this power.  

Within this work, we use a framework called “D3”. D3 is about decarbonising, decolonising and democratising education, in synergy, to dismantle root causes of the climate crisis. The aim is to support learners to leave their place of learning equipped with skills and understanding to shape a more just and sustainable world.

Decarbonising education means transforming how and what we learn to sufficiently prepare learners for the climate crisis, but also to adapt to and thrive in a world no longer reliant on fossil fuels.

Decarbonising what we learn often means embedding sustainability into modules and supporting development of key skills across all disciplines and subjects that contribute to a more sustainable world. Decarbonising how we learn means challenging influence from corporations, including fossil fuel companies, within educational institutions. It also means dismantling the pipeline that funnels students from tertiary education to the fossil fuel industry.

This is why we are support People and Planet’s Fossil Free Careers campaign and are implementing an Ethical Careers policy via the For Good platform.

By implementing this policy, we are committing to ensuring the opportunities offered on For Good do not lead students to careers in unsustainable and carbon intensive industries, but rather support them to develop skills and values to choose pathways that contribute to building a more just and sustainable world.

In doing this we are aiming to challenge the normalisation of this pipeline to the fossil fuel industry that many students are encouraged, or even forced, to go on. We want to show young people that they do not have to be complicit in environmental breakdown and social inequality in their future careers – and they can refuse to engage with the giants of the corporate world who are driving these issues. Instead, young people deserve to be supported to achieve their dreams, fulfil their passions and develop professionally and personally through more sustainable careers.

Check out For Good's Ethical Careers Policy here.

If you’re an organisation working to progress environmental, economic and/social sustainability –
get in touch to promote an opportunity on For Good!

Interested in adopting an Ethical Careers Policy too? Get in touch with
People and Planet to learn more. #

Sign the Fossil Free Careers petition to show your support!

Read SOS-UK’s general partnerships policy.

The policy is free for public use and we encourage peers to use parts if they see fit.