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2022 SDG Teach In - our biggest Teach In yet!

May 17, 2022

Read more about the campaign impacts and outcomes in the 2022 SDG Teach In campaign report here.

The fifth annual SDG Teach In took place between February 21st and March 11th 2022. Normally 2 weeks, the campaign was extended to three weeks in solidarity with UCU strikes and to make the campaign more accessible to striking educators.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s campaign was the biggest one yet! In its inaugural year in 2018,  141 teaching staff from 25 institutions pledged to incorporate the SDGs, reaching 8,420 students. This year, 772 educators from over 134 institutions pledged, reaching 141,369 students across the world!

Sustainability needs to be embedded in all subjects and disciplines in order to sufficiently prepare students to shape a more sustainable world– it cannot be a taught in silos. We were delighted to see students and educators engage with and embed the UN Sustainable Development goals within a range of disciplines and subject areas including business, technology, design, social studies, education and architecture.

More specific modules and classes that took part in the SDG Teach In include “Creative and Ethical Leadership,” “Business in Technology,” “Introduction to Culinary Skills” “Psychology and Law” amongst a range of others – demonstrating the relevance of sustainability in everything that is taught and learned.

Throughout the campaign, we shared leaderboards celebrating the institutions with the highest number of educators pledged and institutions reaching the biggest percentage of their student body through the campaign. Our final leaderboards for the 2022 campaign were published on March 14th and we’re delighted to announce the University of Derby had the highest number of educators pledged, with 71 educators from the University of Derby while Glasgow Caledonian University reached the highest percentage of their student body. Congratulations!

Although this year’s Teach In was a huge success – we know that the work doesn’t stop here. Education needs to empower students by supporting them to develop skills to shape a more sustainable world. This means sustainability and education for sustainable development needs to be embedded in all subjects and disciplines, across all levels and types of education. While the SDGs are a brilliant resource for beginning work on embedding sustainability in learning, we also recognise the need to engage critically with the SDGs, especially by considering challenges that are left out of the Goals and how progress on one goal may negatively impact another goal in order to realise a truly sustainable and just world.

Check out more information on the campaign outcomes in our 2022 campaign report here.

We delivered a webinar to wrap up the teach in – watch the recording here.