About Farming for Carbon & Nature

A new tertiary sector scheme enabling farmers on university and college owned land to use carbon offsetting payments to adopt more nature friendly farming practices that store carbon, improve soil health, increase wildlife, and provide more opportunities for students to access, and engage with, nature. 

Hands holding soil with a seedling in it

Many UK universities are declaring carbon reduction targets and need to reduce their emissions considerably. However, they will continue attracting international students and conducting overseas research. Farming For Carbon & Nature provides an opportunity for offsetting these unavoidable Scope 3 emissions against carbon sequestered by managing university farmland more sustainably.

A fiscal model is being developed that will be owned and managed within the tertiary education sector and externally verified by a leading offsetting organisation.

Nature friendly farming methods will be adopted such as minimum or no till, direct drilling, cover crops, perrenials and green manures. These methods maximise carbon sequestration, biodiversity and soil health. Students will play a key part in monitoring biodiversity on the farms increasing their access to, and engagement with, nature.

We are hopeful this sector changing scheme will be of real value in addressing the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis as well as increasing farm resilience and food security.

Please read our concept note for further details.

If you would like to be kept up to date on the progress of Farming for Carbon & Nature, or have any questions, please email Tilly or Odette at studenteats@sos-uk.org.