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Sustainable students

101 session on embedding sustainability in all aspects student life


A session for students to understand what sustainability is, what it means to be sustainable, and what actions students can take to help address the sustainability issues at their institution. 

Please note, this training requires input from the institution, and/or students' union, on their sustainability work and priorities to enable the session to be tailored accordingly. 

Learning outcomes

As a result of completing this training, students will:

  • Gain a good level of understanding of actions they can take within their institution to be more sustainable
  • Feel confident in communicating sustainability actions and behaviours to their peers and others
  • Be able to have a positive impact on the community (within and beyond their institution) through increased sustainability literacy

Who should attend?

This training is appropriate for all students from all disciplines and all stages of education.

What SOS-UK programmes does the training support?

This training supports the delivery of SOS-UK's Student Switch Off and Green Impact programmes. It is however not a pre-requisite to be signed up to these programmes to bring this training to your campus.

What are the options for delivery?

This training is available as bespoke delivery for individual institutions or students' unions. The training can be delivered online or in person, and lasts 2-3 hours.


This training can be commissioned at any point during the academic year, and is delivered according to the requirements of the institution. Please get in touch to confirm arrangements. 

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.