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Individual Social Material: Planning effective behaviour change interventions

A theory based model used to develop practical, effective interventions

ISM is a practical tool, which allows us to think beyond the individual to consider all of the contexts that shape people’s behaviours - the Individual, the Social and the Material. By understanding these different aspects and the multiple factors within them that influence the way people act every day, more impactful policies and interventions can be developed.

This interactive workshop introduces the ISM model and takes participants through the process of using the model to map out the influences on a particular behaviour, before using the outcome of the mapping process to design potential interventions to deliver back on campus.

Learning outcomes

After completing the training, attendees will:

  • Understand the features of the ISM model
  • Understand the process of using the ISM model to plan interventions
  • Be able to implement the process of using the model and planning a behaviour change intervention
Who should attend?

This training is appropriate for institution and students' union staff with a responsibility for delivering behaviour change projects, campaigns and interventions.

What SOS-UK programmes does the training support?

This training supports the delivery of SOS-UK's programmes which include the delivery of a behaviour change intervention, for example Green Impact, Green Impact Students' Unions and Alcohol Impact programmes.

What other SOS-UK training does the opportunity link to?

This training links to the following training:

  • Monitoring your impact
  • Student project training and implementation
What are the options for delivery?

This training is available as:

  • bespoke delivery for individual instititions / students' unions.
  • a centrally-run training event available to attendees from any institution

SOS-UK are also able to provide consultancy options which include the facilitation of an ISM intervention planning workshop at individual institutions - please get in touch for further details.

This training is delivered in person.

The training lasts for half a day.


For bespoke delivery in individual institutions / students' unions, please get in touch to discuss your requirements at learningacademy@sos-uk.org.


Please get in touch for bespoke delivery costs at individual institutions / students' unions.