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Decolonising and decarbonising education

Applying decolonising and decarbonising to education for climate justice.


This workshop will give an overview of climate justice and intersectionality, and discuss how decolonising and decarbonising need to be considered synergistically for education to deliver on climate justice. We will explore examples of climate injustice, and how this often intersects with issues of race, gender, and indigeneity. We will also look at examples of when sustainability work has not taken an intersectional approach and the issues that this can cause, with discussions on how we can avoid this within campus operations and curricula to create sustainability-focused teaching, learning and student experience that is intersectional and works to challenge and address the harmful legacies of colonialism and imperialism.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session, participants will:

• Have an introductory understanding of climate justice and its connection with decolonising and decarbonising.

• Be able to identify opportunities to apply decolonising and decarbonising for climate justice to the education sector.

• Be encouraged to develop their own practice to consider climate justice and intersectionality.

Who should attend?

This training is appropriate for institution and students' union staff and officers, particularly those with a teaching or Education for Sustainable Development remit.

What are the options for delivery?

This training is designed to run for 2 hours, and can be delivered online or in-person (restrictions allowing).


Training can be commissioned at any point during the academic year.


Please get in touch to discuss delivery and costings for this training.