The team

The SOS-UK team drives the organisation's work across campuses, curriculums and communities.

If you want to talk about how we can help you drive sustainability across your campus or organisation, just get in touch.  You can also view an organogram of the team here or connect with us on LinkedinOr read on to find out a little bit more about us, and what everybody does, and get in touch with someone individually.


Aqeel Kapasi
Ethical supply chain coordinator

Aqeel joined SOS-UK in October 2019. He is primarily involved in furthering ethical procurement within the NUS Trading Team, working with suppliers as well as students and staff on campus to verify and improve the sustainability of the products available. He also supports related projects and campaigns, including the Fairtrade Universities & Colleges Award

Aqeel started his career as a tax adviser in the corporate world. Driven by a passion for social justice, he moved into the not-for-profit sector, initially working for a children's charity as part of a befriending project involving children being matched to volunteer adult befrienders. This was followed by community development work for a local authority, where he supported community groups and residents in particular neighbourhoods. He is particularly interested in preserving and restoring the natural world as part of buiding a happier and more equal society.

Aqeel enjoys reading, immersing into a film or documentary, being outdoors and playing sports.

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Grace Corn
Project manager & Teach The Future campaign manager

Grace joined SOS-UK as a project manager in September 2019. Grace delivers SOS-UK's 'Green Impact' and 'Student Switch Off' programmes at Universities, NHS Trusts and community organisations around London and the south of the UK. Two days a week Grace supports the growth of the Teach The Future campaign as campaign manager.

Grace studied International Relations and Politics at the University of Lincoln, where she became passionate about the climate emergency and sustainability. After graduating she ran for the position of Vice President Welfare & Community in 2018 Lincoln Students' Union elections, and was the first candidate to win an SU election on an environmentally focussed manifesto at Lincoln. During her year in the role, she embedded environmental campaigning within the union and successfully lobbied the University to become one of the first in the UK to declare a climate emergency.

Outside of work, Grace loves to travel to new places with friends, and cooks a mean veggie katsu curry. 

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Jade Monroe
Senior project manager - engagement

Jade joined the team in 2012 and is a senior project manager, based in the London office. She spends much of her time touring halls of residents across the country, helping students to save energy and recycle.

Jade has a BSc and MSc in Environmental Management and prior to NUS has worked at the University of the West of Scotland Student Association as part of their Climate Challenge Fund sustainability projects as well as working on improving environmental practices within the business sector for a number of years.

Outside of work Jade spends time with her family, growing food in her tiny city garden, going to the local parks or getting out and about in London.


Jamie Agombar
Executive director

Jamie is the Executive Director of Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK), the new charity created by NUS so it can go further and faster in response to the climate emergency and ecological crisis. Prior to joining SOS-UK Jamie was Head of Sustainability at NUS for 15 years, during which time he built NUS' work on sustainability from a single role to the largest department in NUS.  Jamie is a Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

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Joanna Romanowicz
Director of engagement

Joanna is London based and has been part of the team since October 2010. In her role as director of engagement, Joanna has oversight of SOS-UK's main engagement programmes, including Green Impact and Student Switch Off. In addition to this, Joanna has managed a number of European projects, and currently is leading on the Horizon 2020 funded European expansion of Student Switch Off (SAVES2). Through this, she works with universities in Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Ireland and UK to help drive positive environmental behaviour amongst students and raise awareness around energy efficiency and smart metering, in the context of fuel poverty.

Joanna has experience of working in different sectors in an environmental role, including work at the London School of Economics, University of Westminster, Greater London Authority, Forum for the Future, AECOM and other environmental consultancies.

Joanna has a BA in Human Sciences from the University of Oxford and an MSc in Environment, Science and Society from UCL. Joanna is a full member (MIEnvSc) of the Institution of Environmental Sciences, and is a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv). In her spare time, Joanna enjoys hiking and camping, discovering new places, playing netball, listening to podcasts and doing yoga. 

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Joe Brindle
Teach the Future Campaign Coordinator

Joe joined SOS-UK in May 2020, after volunteering with Teach the Future since he founded the campaign in October 2019. Teach the Future is SOS-UK's joint campaign with the UK Student Climate Network to reform the UK education system.

Joe completed his A-levels in 2020 and is currently working whilst on a gap year. He started Teach the Future whilst studying for his A-Levels because he realised that having spent over 13 years in education he had learnt next to nothing about the climate crisis which will define his future. Joe has been heavily involved in the climate strikes, representing the UK at the European Fridays for Future conference and helping organise in both Bath and Bristol.

Joe enjoys going on walks, designing website and like most teenagers, sleeping.
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Jude Daniel Smith
Teach the Future Campaign Coordinator

Jude joined SOS-UK in May 2020 and is based in Sheffield. He is 15 years old, and works as a Campaign Coordinator for Teach the Future - SOS-UK's joint campaign with the UK Student Climate Network to reform the UK education system. Jude is currently in Year 11, sitting his exams in 2021, all the while campaigning for change in many different areas. He is the Member of Youth Parliament for Sheffield, representing young people's ideas and innovations in the House of Commons, whilst orchestrating the Sheffield climate protests since early 2019. He got involved in climate activism at a young age, receiving a Green Blue Peter badge at age 8 much to his delight.

Jude has a Vegan Candle company called WaxyCo and is the Northern England under 18s chess champion.
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Katie Jepson
Senior project manager - engagement

Katie joined the team in 2015 and project manages our UNESCO award-winning change and engagement programme, Green Impact, within healthcare, educational institutions, councils, and research institutes across the UK. Whilst supporting the delivery of Green Impact with our international delivery partners in Europe and Australia, she also supports the SOS-UK team to deliver Green Impact in over 110 organisations nationally and leads on innovating the programme. Katie achieved Practioner Membership in Environmental Management and Assessment (PIEMA), in 2019 accredited by IEMA.

Before working for NUS, Katie graduated from Keele University with a BA Geography degree. Previously she worked at The Conservation Volunteers as a Project Officer on their Health for Life programme, where she project managed and helped build food growing community gardens in Birmingham, working to create healthier and happier communities.

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Meg Baker
Senior project manager – education

Meg is working to increase learning for sustainability through our Education for Sustainable Development programmes (Responsible Futures) and the For Good partnerships platform, amongst other things. This work connects students with their education providers and wider community for social and environmental benefit through practical workshops and projects, research or placements. 

Meg has previously worked at the University of Gloucestershire and their students' union leading on student, staff and community engagement for sustainability, this also involved the coordination of a Regional Centre of Expertise for Sustainability in the Severn region. She found her passion for education transformation through her background in outdoor education and learning outside the classroom, working with young people out of mainstream education.

Meg has a Geography degree from the University of Glasgow and MSc in Environmental Consultancy from Plymouth University. In her spare time, Meg enjoys all things outdoors from being in the mountains to playing in the sea.

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Mel Kee
Campaigns manager

Mel joined the SOS-UK team in March 2020. She is working on Invest for Change: a campaign for university money to work in the interests of students, not against them; with an emphasis on climate justice.

Mel studied Geography at The University of Sheffield and was elected as their Union Development Officer, leading on sustainability, as well as commercial and financial activity, across the University and SU. At Sheffield, Mel successfully campaigned to embed Education For Sustainable Development into the curriculum and worked with University leaders to ensure the commitment to divesting from fossil fuels was fulfilled. Before joining SOS-UK, Mel worked at the University of Bristol on staff and student engagement campaigns in the Sustainability Team.

Outside of work, Mel enjoys running, cooking and getting out on her bike.

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Michelle Hemmingfield
Senior project manager - development and networks

Michelle is a senior project manager, responsible for delivering Green Impact in a number of universities and community organisations, including the Natural History Museum! She also leads on organising the department's large events such as the NUS Sustainability Summit, Student Eats Conference and our Students and Alcohol conference.

Michelle joined the team in 2013. Prior to this, she worked in a number of different sustainability roles within the public and private sector. Michelle also studied at the University of York, achieving a BSc in Environmental Science. During this time she was an active member of the SU and was elected E&E Officer for the college.

Outside of work, Michelle spends time volunteering in her local community and is a Governor for a local SEN college.

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Odette Wills
Senior project manager - food

Odette is home-based in Wales and co-manages the Student Eats Programme with Tilly. Our aim is to work with students to create a more equitable food system by putting healthy and sustainable food at the heart of the campuses across the UK. This includes supporting students to set up social enterprises selling sustainable food as well as supporting food growing initiatives on campus. Odette also works with the NUS wales team on sustainability issues. 

Odette has a masters in 'Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture' and has previously worked in a science lab looking at a fungus to help farming. While at university, she ran many campaigns often focusing on sustainable fishing and local food as well as volunteering on a community growing space. She is currently on the steering group of a community group aiming to move her town towards being plastic-free. She also coordinates a food buying group to give local residents access to healthy & sustainable food at a more affordable price. Odette achieved Practioner Membership in Environmental Management and Assessment (PIEMA), in 2018 accredited by IEMA.

While not at work, Odette can be found working on her no-dig growing space, avidly listening to podcasts about our food system and adventuring in the Welsh hills. 

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Quinn Runkle
Director of education

Quinn is the director of education at SOS-UK and is a homeworker based in Sheffield. Quinn's role includes managing the Responsible Futures programme; supporting universities, colleges, and students’ unions to embed ESD throughout the formal and informal curricula; and working across the student movement and with partner organisations to improve the inclusion of sustainability knowledge, skills, and attributes in education across the UK and internationally. More recently, she's been supporting a team of 40+ young people to lead the Teach the Future campaign. 

Previously, she managed the Student Green Fund Project at the University of Bristol Students’ Union and delivered student sustainability engagement and education programmes at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Alongside work, Quinn is pursuing a Doctorate in Education at the UCL Institute of Education and holds a BA in Geography and Political Science with a concentration in Sustainability from the University of British Columbia. Quinn achieved Practioner Membership in Environmental Management and Assessment (PIEMA), in 2018 accredited by IEMA.

In her spare time, Quinn enjoys podcasts, board games, yoga, and eating veggie food. 

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Rachel Drayson
Head of research and impact

Rachel has worked in sustainability-focused research roles since 2007, joining NUS' Sustainability team, prior to the creation of SOS-UK, in 2011.  She leads the management, design, implementation and delivery associated with research and evaluation projects in order to enhance SOS-UK's ability to be effective in its sustainability-focused work with students' unions and in its projects, programmes and campaigns across the education sector through use of insight.

Rachel has previously worked for research and strategy consultancy Brook Lyndhurst and Green Alliance.  Here she worked on projects for a range of public sector clients across a range of different issues, utilising quantitative and qualitative skills to investigate community action on climate change, evaluating behaviour change and developing pilots to promote energy efficiency. 

Rachel studied Geography at Durham and has a Masters in Environment, Science and Society from UCL. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys experimenting in the kitchen (which mostly works out!), complemented by keeping active by running, swimming outdoors or cycling.

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Rachel Soper
Project manager

Rachel joined the team in 2014 and is currently based in Leeds as a home-worker. Rachel works with organisations in the North of England and further afield, engaging staff and students in a variety of sustainability projects such as Green Impact, Student Switch Off and the Fairtrade University & College Award. She also works on our Horizon 2020 funded programme, SAVES 2, collaborating with universities across Europe on the issues of energy use, fuel poverty and sustainability. 

Rachel is a graduate from the University of York with a BSc in Environmental Economics and Environmental Management and now works on delivering projects that she volunteered with as a student. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys spending time with the family dogs - Stella and Ada. 

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Tilly Jarvis
Senior project manager - food

Tilly joined the NUS Sustainability team in 2016 and manages the Student Eats programme with Odette. Our aim is to work with students to create a more equitable food system by putting healthy and sustainable food at the heart of the campuses across the UK. This includes supporting students to set up social enterprises selling sustainable food as well as supporting food growing initiatives on campus. In addition to working for SOS she co-ordinates the Food Co-op project at Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming, and co-founder of Six Legs Farm, a family business breeding crickets as a sustainable protein option.

Tilly is a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and full member of the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES), has an MA in Sustainable Development Advocacy and a degree in Law. Before starting at SOS-UK Tilly spent over ten years working with 16-25-year-olds on local and international sustainability initiatives, she is a founding trustee for Worcester Roots Foundation (a youth-led environmental charity) and is a Director of Stockwood Community Benefit Society, a community-owned organic and biodynamic farm and business park in Worcestershire. Spare time passions include global family travel without flying, music festivals and of course…crickets (the chirping kind rather than the sport).

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Tracy Lumb
Senior project manager - alcohol

Tracy joined SOS-UK in October 2019. She delivers Alcohol Impact supporting universities and students' unions to deliver programmes to embed social norms of responsible drinking on our campuses, changing attitudes towards alcohol, and building healthier, safer, more productive student communities. 

Before working for SOS, Tracy worked for 6 years in community drug and alcohol services coordinating the care for adults affected by drugs or alcohol and providing training to health care professionals, support workers and students into the facts and risks associated with alcohol. Tracy has a degree in Medical Science from the University of Birmingham. 


In her spare time, Tracy enjoys visiting new places, going to the theatre and trying to get out of an escape room!

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Zoe Arnold
Project manager

Zoe started as a project manager in October 2017 and delivers Green Impact and Student Switch Off programmes.


Zoe studied Anthropology and International Development at the University of Sussex, where her research had a particular focus on issues of social justice and she spent a term working for a water and sanitation charity. After graduating, Zoe joined the students' union at Sussex as an Environmental Assistant, helping to integrate environmental good practice and reporting on the impact.  


Zoe achieved Practioner Membership in Environmental Management and Assessment (PIEMA), in 2019 accredited by IEMA.

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