National Tree Charter Day

Be part of a national movement and take part in Tree Charter day on the 23rd November 2019!

Students across the United Kingdom will be getting involved in an exciting array of activities to celebrate Tree Week (23rd – 30th November) so make sure you don’t miss out! This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the Charter and the importance of the relationship between humans and the natural world.  Not sure if anything is happening on your campus?  Think weird, wonderful and especially woods when planning your events! Like trees the action on your campus can take a variety of forms. Here are a few (certainly not exhaustive) ideas to inspire you:

Get Close

There is no better way to fully appreciate the beauty and importance of trees than in person. Why not take a break from your stressful week and organise a Woodland Walk or scavenger hunt in your local area? If there isn’t access to a forest, then why not take it to your nearest green space or arrange a tree planting on campus! Or bring the nature indoors by handing out free plants for students to take back to their room. 

Get Creative

The charter doesn’t just promote conservation but the centrality of trees as a source of artistic inspiration. Branch out (quite literally) and get stuck into an artistic challenge. Turn Tree Week into a rival for fashion week and organise a fashion show featuring clothing items made from recycled paper. Or why not use that scrap paper to host an origami evening or create a mural using autumn leaves? Turn that paper into something beautiful once again. 

Don’t forget the power of that words can have. Make sure to enter submissions into the Students for Trees poetry competition to win some fantastic prizes!

Get Online

Make sure you stay connected with the national campaign by getting involved on social media. The Tree Council is holding a photo competition with the theme “health and hope”, so make sure to post your leafy theme pictures using the hashtag #StudentforTreesComp and #TreeCharter. Make sure to follow Students for Trees on our social media accounts to keep up to date with the exciting action taking place at student unions across the country!

Get Organised

A fundamental component of the campaign and solidifying the importance of the Tree Charter are Charter Branches. Engage with the movement long term by setting up one of these grass roots organisations at your own student union to promote the benefits of trees and the charter. Be involved in important work embedding the charter’s principles in the policies and action taken by your Branch through collecting signatures, hosting events and lobbying your college or university. Find more about how to apply here.

Get Funded

The Student Council is here to help with any activities that your university or college decides to host. We will fund student societies, indivdual students and students' unions who are planning anything to promote woods and trees during the week 24th-30th November. You can apply for small pots of funding by emailing We will initially fund £50 towards your chosen activity for Tree Charter Day or National Tree Week. 

Keep up to date

Follow us on social media to keep up to date with all of our competitions and activities! Remember to use #TreeCharterDay and #StudentsforTrees in all our your posts!