In February 2018 we held our first ever “SDG Teach In” to raise awareness of why the Sustainable Development Goals should be at the heart of further and higher education, and help catalyse the change needed to make this happen. 

We asked lecturers and teaching staff across UK universities and colleges to pledge to include the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within their teaching, learning, and assessment on their course(s) over the course of a week.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 'global goals' which set out targets to end poverty, protect the planet, and achieve prosperity for all by 2030. Alongside being a standalone goal, education is also vital for attaining all the other goals. We know that 60% of students, regardless of discipline, want to learn more about sustainability, as demonstrated by six years of NUS-led research.

The SDG Teach In gives lecturers and teaching staff the chance to start the conversation.

The Teach In helped to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development
  • Catalyse curriculum reform and test new ideas
  • Embed sustainability and social responsibility across all curricula
  • Link teaching, learning, and assessment to local and global concerns
  • Prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and attributes to tackle 21st century challenges

By taking part, lecturers and teaching staff pledged to include the SDGs in their teaching, learning, and assessment in one or more of their courses during this week. This was done through case studies, debate, discussion, group work, or simulations relating to topics included within the SDGs. Ideally, students will learn about the SDGs and their relevance to the course.

In 2020 our SDG Teach In will take place from the 17-21 February 2019 and it's a great opportunity to either start the conversation around the Global Goals or to further on the work achieved through last years Teach In. 

Our vision is to see all students leaving formal education with the knowledge, skills, and attributes to create a more just and sustainable future.