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Students for Trees

Young people across the UK championing trees and woodland
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Students for Trees is a student led network supporting students across the UK to learn about, and to take action for, woods and trees, to help fight the climate and nature crises. Each year, Students For Trees is led by a group of 10-15 students who form an annual Council and direct the activities and support for student groups over the year.

Students For Trees 2022-23 Council

A core part of the Students For Trees is engaging student groups and educational staff with free Woodland Trust tree packs and helping groups to organise tree planting events. We want to see student groups planting trees on campuses, in their local woods and any other suitable land they can find and receive permission to plant on. Staff who work in education institutions are also welcome to apply!

If you would like to apply for free trees, the Woodland Trust is currently offering trees for March 2024:

  1. Step 1: Fill in our short Students For Trees Tracking Form to let us know you are applying for trees - this allows us to track which educational institutions are involved and allows us to provide extra support to you ahead of tree planting: https://forms.office.com/r/qJKenRYScy
  1. Step 2: Once you click 'Submit' on the tracking form you will then be directed to the main Woodland Trust's School & Community tree application form, which you will need to fill in with all the full details of your tree planting order (e.g. landowner permission, coordinates, number and type of trees and long term aftercare plans)

Please ensure you fill in BOTH forms, the second form is the main application and can be filled in after clicking submit on the tracking form to complete your order for free trees.

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To keep up to date with the Council's activities, follow the project on Instagram and Twitter, visit the Students For Trees website to find out more and reach the SOS-UK team supporting this project via email.

This programme ran between 2021-2023 and was supported by SOS-UK and the Woodland Trust.