Invest for Change

A campaign for university money to act in the interests of students, not against them; with an emphasis on climate justice.

Invest for Change is a campaign which aims to radically reform how universities invest their endowments, creating a more resilient and sustainable economy through investments.

UK universities have over £15 billion in endowments that are frequently invested against the interests of students and the world they will graduate into. These investment decisions are often left to externally appointed investment managers with little engagement from the university itself.

It’s time to change this.

Invest for Change calls on universities to:

  • Invest in environmental and social justice solutions.
  • Engage with investments to influence wider corporate behaviour change.
  • Adopt responsible investment policies that support a sustainable future.

We will work support students to run campaigns on campus, as well as working directly with universities to lead this shift.

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To provide strategic advice on the campaign, we have pulled together a steering group - find out more here.

Invest for Change is funded by Friends Provident Foundation.