Welcome to an overview of NUS Services work across responsible sourcing and enhancing the ethical offering available to NUS purchasing consortium members.

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NUS Services, the trading arm of NUS (National Union of Students), operates a purchasing consortium for students’ unions, as well as providing commercial development and marketing advice among other things to member organisations.

Demonstrating its commitment to ethical sourcing and wider sustainability efforts, it has employed an Ethical Supply Chain Coordinator within its Trading Support team for over 15 years. Since the launch of SOS-UK in October 2019 by NUS staff and officers, the ethical supply chain work will be delivered by SOS-UK but remain funded by NUS.

In this way, NUS can still progress when it comes to sustainability whilst also benefitting from the close ties with the new educational charity set up in light of the climate and ecological crises.

NUS is also a member of the Responsible Procurement Group ran by HEPA (Higher Education Procurement Association).

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Feel free to get in touch with the Ethical Supply Chain Coordinator Aqeel Kapasi at aqeel.kapasi@sos-uk.org.