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Invest for Change

Invest for Change is a new campaign for university money to work in the interests of students, not against them; with an emphasis on climate justice. The campaign is funded by Friends Provident Foundation.

Protest poster saying 'Climate Justice NOW'

We aim to radically reform how universities invest their endowments, creating a more resilient and sustainable economy through investments.

Currently, UK universities have £3 billion of endowments invested in listed equities of little social value, almost entirely managed externally by financial investment firms. These investments often work against the interests of students and the world they will graduate into.

We’re asking universities to adopt investment policies that support a sustainable future, including investment in climate justice solutions via direct renewable energy investments or impact investment funds, and the adoption of responsible investment policies that apply to all external investment managers and require active stewardship on environmental and social issues. We will work directly with universities to lead this shift, as well as supporting students to call on their institutions to commit to this.

For more information, please get in touch with Mel Kee.