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Divest-Invest is a campaign calling for the movement of university investments (money) out of stocks, bonds, or investment funds that are unethically or morally ambigious (divestment/-divest) into poistive socially responsible sectors, such as community renewable energy (reinvestment/-invest).


Group of people holding paper wind mills and Divest-Invest campaign sign


Divest-Invest raises important questions about what public money should be used for, the role of our educational institutions within society and how to foster a decarbonised world through a just transition - one that doesn’t just benefit the privileged few, but everyone, regardless of race, class, gender, disability, citizenship status and/or sexual or gender identity.




Since 2013, People and Planet and student activists have been at the forefront of calling on universities to divest from fossil fuels.


Fossil fuel companies – those involved with the extraction, production and processing of coal and/or tar sands and/or oil and/or gas - hold five times more carbon in their fossil fuel reserves than we can safely afford to burn to stop runaway climate change - and are still spending billions searching for more.1


We have worked closely with them to help build and facilitate the relationships and skills required for campaigns to win. In January 2020, 7 years later, we were able to announce that over 50% of all UK universities have joined the global fossil fuel divestment movement.


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Having reached this divestment milestone however, it is clearer than ever that there is a long way to go until our universities are investing for just and transformative change.


More often than not, investments that are taken out of fossil fuel activity are simply recycled back into investment portfolios - the money is no longer directly funding ‘bad’, but it is also not particularly active in doing ‘good’.


We're launching a campaign calling on universities to lead the way in creating a more resilient and sustainable economy through investments that fund climate justice solutions and work in the interests of students, for both now and their future.


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