Our programmes and campaigns

Higher Education (HE)

Higher Education (HE) campaign packs and reports:




Don't Dither - Divest! - our full campaign guide to tell you what divestment is, why it matters, how to get started, and how to win.


How to get your institution to divest and reinvest - a 2017 campaign outline to support your university divestment and reinvestment activism.


Making the case for action - editable template paper for outlining the arguments for fossil fuel divestment and reinvestment to university committees.


Stranded assets note - to support campaigners in articulating 'stranded assets theory' to senior managers as part of the arguments for fossil fuel divestment.




Community Energy Briefing - why our universities should be committing to developing on-campus community energy projects as part of the just transition.


Positive reinvestment - a briefing which outlines loads of ethical projects, equity funds and bonds which universities could invest in instead of fossil fuels.