Our programmes and campaigns

For Good

We have a growing number of ‘For Good’ opportunities and programmes that all share common themes:

  • To empower students to make a positive impact socially, environmentally and economically;
  • To provide real-world learning opportunities;
  • To support students to develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and experience to make progress for a sustainable future;
  • To make these opportunities relevant to your studies and future professional ambitions.

For more information or to get involved with any of these opportunities, click on the links below.


Dissertations for Good: We partner students with organisations across the UK to produce student-led research that provides an impactful contribution for the organisations and the students. The types of research this could include spans from a research-based assignment, to undergraduate dissertations or a PhD thesis. Click on the link for more information and start finding a partnership.



Placements for Good: Placements for Good is a placements programme that connects motivated university and college students with forward thinking charities, public-sector organisations and businesses to work in partnership for social, environmental and economic benefit. In 2018 – 19 this is a small-scale pilot being delivered in South West England and South Wales, placements will start summer 2019. Click on the link for more information.



Projects for Good: A Project for Good is any practical or applied project that a student can produce or implement to support their partner organisation to make progress for sustainability and/or social responsibility. Check out our web platform to find organisations to partner with.



Skills for Good: Funded by RSPB Scotland, this is a really exciting opportunity to be part of a 7 month training programme alongside likeminded, forward-thinking and highly motivated students.

For 2018 – 19 this is being run as a pilot programme with 2 Scottish institutions – Stirling and Strathclyde Universities. Successful applicants will be part of a cohort of 30 students, developing the skills, understanding and confidence to drive forward positive change in the community whilst exploring how this can contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.