Responsible Futures

Responsible Futures is a whole-institution supported change programme and accreditation mark to embed sustainability across all aspects of student learning. 

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The 2020-21 programme fees are as follows:

Annual membership

First year

Subsequent year

Higher Education Institutions

£2,950 +VAT

£2,490 +VAT

Further Education Institutions

£2,060 +VAT

£1,750 +VAT

Note: Based on feedback from participants, the pricing structure has been updated to include the audit fee, rather than having a varying price depending on when the partnership choose to be audited. 

Note: We typically suggest that the fee is paid by the university or college, not by the students’ union/association. 


  • Access to the workbook of criteria which provide the partnership with an ambitious, clear, and comprehensive framework to build capacity and enhance learning and teaching; 
  • Support and guidance at every stage, including one full-day support visit per partnership per year which can be used for delivering training, audit preparations, speaking at events, and more; 
  • Being part of a national cohort, with regular email contact, updates, and peer-to-peer support;
  • At least two programme-wide support days per year, offered in-person or via Skype; 
  • Access to an online resource bank of good practice; 
  • Facilitation of two-day audit, including all student training, interviews, focus groups, and coordination of feedback reports for your partnership; 
  • Remote support as required.


  • Travel for representatives from each institution to attend support day(s) and other associated events throughout the year;
  • Venue, catering, and travel costs for student auditor training; 
  • Local awards events (if you choose to run one) to give out certificates to student auditors and celebrate local successes.

For more information on any element of Responsible Futures, please email