Beyond our portfolio of award winning off-the-shelf sustainability programmes, we offer a range of additional services and packages to help drive sustainability through your organisation, delivered by our expert team.

Training, workshops and speaking
Designed to equip and inspire students, officers, staff, academics and volunteers to become leaders for sustainability, our team of expert trainers can run half day, full day, or two day sessions, depending on the depth of information and engagement you require.
Ready-to-go training packages include:
•    Campaign development
•    Energy and carbon management
•    Sustainability for course representatives
•    Sustainability for volunteers
•    Divest-Invest
•    Ethical procurement
•    Events to launch your Green Impact programme
•    Sustainability training for staff and officers
•    Sustainability communications
•    Education for sustainable development
•    Aligning your work to the Sustainable Development Goals
•    Social change theory

Facilitating workshops with academics to identify opportunities for sustainability to be embedded in their courses; 

We also develop bespoke training and workshop packages, facilitate sustainability consultations and often speak at events and conferences either as keynotes, guest lecturers or part of panel discussions.

Over the last academic year our ESD team delivered more consultancy, tailored projects, and bespoke training than ever before. This includes:
•    Delivering training to students and to staff (e.g. Course Rep training, staff professional development); 
•    Supporting inductions of new starters (e.g. new staff in a sustainability team, new elected officers at students’ unions); 
•    Contributing to the development of courses; and
•    Developing tailored educational projects (e.g. an alumni engagement project focused on professional leadership for sustainability). 

"The ESD workshops delivered by NUS were extremely useful in helping students to break down the meaning of sustainability into manageable and understandable components, allowing course reps to think critically and reflectively about the presence of sustainability within their own course curriculum." Amy Hall, academic representation co-ordinator, UCLan Students' Union

Audits, assessments, evaluation and research
Working with our insight team to develop an evidence base for your work, analyse your impacts, identify opportunities for improvement and assess quality.
The majority of our work in this field is bespoke. Examples of work we’ve undertaken historically include:
•    Evaluating levels and quality of student engagement through independent assessment
•    Conducting sustainability audits
•    Curriculum mapping
•    Judging local and national awards

Development and mentoring
Whether you want to put behaviour change theory into practice by designing your own in-house programme, have identified a particular opportunity you’d like to develop or you recognise that certain members of your team would benefit from a bit of support to really shine, NUS’ sustainability team can help.
The majority of our work in this field is bespoke. Examples of work we’ve undertaken historically include:
•    Designing and delivering bespoke programmes and campaigns
•    Working alongside academics to embed ESD into their courses and modules
•    Sustainability and engagement strategy development
•    121 mentoring and coaching for key sustainability staff and officers

Please state your interest in any consultancy support through our online sign-up form or contact us for more information