In The Media

February 2017

Green Impact featured in Youth Solutions Report by SDSN

January 2017

The importance of embedding behaviour change within an organisation

Energy Managers Association (EMA) - January/February 2017

March 2016

Volunteering on green issues
Student Volunteering Week blog - 2 March

February 2016

Will Oxbridge move their money?
Huffington Post - 9 February 

How student volunteering is leading the way
NCVO - 8 February

January 2016

The link between the climate movement and the fightback against cuts and austerity has become clear amid UK flooding
Independent - 5 January 2016

December 2015

Dave, we need to talk. Your fossil fuel problem is affecting us all.
Huffington Post - 18 December 2015

Why students must ensure governments achieve climate justice: Our response to COP21
Independent - 17 December 2015

A comment on the UK's INDC
SDSN Youth - 8 December 2015

November 2015

The one degree no student wants
Huffington Post - 10 November 2015

October 2015

Fossil fuel companies will make sure COP21 runs like a well oiled machine
Huffington Post - 19 October 2015

Five things every student should do for the planet: Launching SOS
The Guardian - 8 October 2015

September 2015

An attack on renewables is an attack on the young
Huffington Post - 2 September 2015

July 2015

Education for sustainable development: A perspective from the HE sector
Sustainable Schools Alliance - 21 July 2015

April 2015

Whether it's apartheid or fossil fuels, divestment is on the right side of history
The Guardian - 27 April 2015

February 2015

Divest - and reinvest - for a better future
Forum For The Future: Community Energy Coalition - 13 February 2015