Why your students' union needs Green Impact

Tuesday 05-09-2017 - 11:52

Green Impact is NUS' ethical and environmental accreditation scheme. It's designed to support your organisation in becoming as sustainable as possible - so both you and the planet feel good. 

1. Strengthening your team 

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“Our Environmental Society organised a tree planting day as part of Green Impact. We didn’t realise what a good team building event planting 400 trees would be! The event brought together students, students’ union staff, and university staff - and from that we’ve formed a powerful alliance around our sustainability projects.”

Rhys, Chief Executive, University of Wales Trinity St David Students’ Union


2. Building connections with the local community 

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“Green Impact Students’ Unions is a great challenge, giving staff the opportunity to look outside of their job roles for an activity that suits their passions. It is fantastic for helping us to engage with groups inside and outside the university, that we would otherwise probably never speak with. GISU gives us the drive to make a change.”

Sam, Chester Students’ Union


3. Expanding your mind

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“Over the course of the year, my understanding of what sustainability actually means has just expanded beyond measure. Whether it was beekeeping, gardening, or divestment, the range of incredible people involved in our sustainability work just amazed me! I never thought I’d meet such a diverse, fun range of people doing this!”

Robert, Liverpool Guild of Students


4. Fostering personal growth

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"I have to admit, I started the year with a skeptical attitude. However, without even realising it, the sustainability ethos has crept into my everyday life. I often catch myself picking up litter, or striking up conversations with charity workers, or an art student who made a boat out of plastic bags. Things that would have passed me by before seem more relevant and thought-provoking than before, and I firmly believe that with every small change we can achieve great things!"

Ellie, Christ Church Students’ Union


5. Realising world-chanigng ambitions

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“Green Impact has given us the structure to make our vision for a better world a reality.”

Damien, Queen's University Belfast Students' Union

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