Green Impact support calls and webinars

Share good practice, learn new skills and network with peers as part of the national Green Impact movement.

Our regular series of free webinars and support calls to ensure we are constantly supporting people delivering our programmes.

Tell me about the webinars

The webinars are a learning and development opportunity designed to give participants insight into current best practice from across Green Impact and the broader sustainability agenda. They’ll be delivered by Green Impact participants, the NUS sustainability team and external guests. As a resource, they’ll be informative and include multiple case studies – and, although there will be opportunities for active participation, they will be less discursive than the support calls.

We’ll be using Skype for Business online meeting software. To fully participate it’s helpful if you have a webcam, microphone and speaker/headphone, although it’s possible to participate with just the speaker/headphone. You can familiarise yourself with this software, and troubleshoot any issues you have using it, before attending a webinar by clicking here.

Webinars will be recorded so if you can’t make them, you’ll be able to watch them at a later date.

Tell me about the support calls

The support calls are very much a networking opportunity for you to share your experiences in an informal way through the year, with others across the country running similar programmes.

This helps develop and nurture the Green Impact community and enables peer-to-peer support, trouble shooting and sharing of good practice and innovation.

Members of the NUS sustainability team will be on hand to facilitate and answer any questions or queries that arise. Their focus is on the functional elements of delivering a Green Impact programme.

For the support calls, we will be using telephone conference call so all you need is a phone line.

Previous sessions

You can review the notes from the support calls or watch back the webinars from our previous season of the support schedule:
Jan - Planning for Fairtrade fortnight/Green Week Support Call notes
Jan - Introducing the SDGs for Green Impact teams and the SDG Teach-in Webinar recording
Feb - Sustainability collaborations with students' unions Support Call notes
Feb - Communications and social media for Green Impact Webinar recording
Mar - Recruiting auditors and managing the auditor process

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Thursday May 10th 4-5pm Managing your awards
Anyone leading on Green
impact in a on or off
campus setting

In this call we'll share the breadth of celebration events seen across the Green Impact programme, troubleshooting issues relating to the planning or delivery of your awards event. 

Support call

Thursday 17th May 11am - 12pm 

What next for Green Impact?

For those managing sustainability teams and/or project managing Green Impact in on and off campus settings

We'll talk you through some of the rate card updates for 2018 and programme wide developments we're working on to improve the Green Impact experience.


Wednesday 30th May 12-1pm

Rescheduled -Green Impact projects - adapting your toolkit for high achieving teams. 

Anyone leading a Green Impact scheme in a university or off-campus organisation 

We'll look at examples and different approaches for incorporating projects into toolkits, how to manage this and set expectations with teams over the course of your Green Impact year. 


Monday 11th June 3-4pm

Facilitating feedback - evaluating your programme

Anyone leading on Green impact in a on or off campus setting 

In this call we'll consider how you can effectively obtain feedback from a variety of Green Impact contacts to help publicise your achievements and evaluate your programme to improve the process for next years cycle. 

Support call

Monday 25th June 2-3pm

Planning for and managing Green Impact Project Assistants

Anyone leading a Green Impact scheme in a university or off-campus organisation 

We'll review the new GIPA packages within the ratecard, the benefits of each option, and how to effectively use student assistants to improve your Green Impact programme. 


Tuesday 10th July 1-2pm

Developing your toolkit 

Anyone leading on Green impact in a on or off campus setting 

In this call we'll look at the types of developments organisations have used to structure their toolkit, and tips for reviewing your criteria in preperation for your next green Impact cycle. 

Support call

Wednesday 18th July 1-2pm

Professional development for managing Green Impact 

Anyone leading on Green Impact in a students’ union, university, college or off-campus organisation

We'll map out the skills requried for successful management of green impact, exploring examples of this in practice and ways of developing your own skills set through green impact. 


If you have any particular questions please contact Jen Strong, Green Impact Senior Project Officer on