We've just won a UNESCO award!

Tuesday 20-09-2016 - 14:33

Worldwide recognition for our pioneering work on sustainability and behaviour change. And $50,000.

Over the last ten years, we've worked with hundreds of organisations, bringing together students and staff from across the country and around the world, and this combined effort has been recognised through this prestigious award.

With bespoke support to students’ unions, universities and colleges, Green Impact provides structured frameworks to help create green campuses, curriculums and communities.

It has been providing invaluable support to the sustainability work of the student movement over the last ten years, and has now received global recognition.

NUS vice president for society and citizenship Rob Young said: “Green Impact has been hugely influential in the last ten years and is a proven way of creating positive sustainability changes whilst giving students excellent opportunities.

“We dedicate this award to everyone who’s been in the programme and look forward to the next ten years.

“The prize will help us provide support to Green Impact teams to implement further changes, engage different audiences in the programme, and help us collaborate with partners abroad.”

The prize, funded by the Japanese government, has been awarded to three organisations around the world, with the other winners being CCREAD-Cameroon and ESD Project. The three laureates will receive the prize at a ceremony in Paris on 11 October.

Find out more about the UNESCO prize here

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