Taking Green Impact into halls of residence

Thursday 12-03-2015 - 15:54

We’re always excited to take Green Impact into new places, helping students to green the whole of society. This week, we speak to Simone Codrington, a Green Impact project assistant taking the programme into halls of residence.

What is Unite Students?

Unite Students is an alternative halls for students that offer accommodation to students and encourage them to partake in many activities.

They can also work with the Green Impact team at the university to help promote sustainability to the students.

How did you get involved?

The opportunity was advertised in an email sent to students living in the Unite Students halls. I got involved by applying online through Unite Students because I thought it sounded like a perfect chance to encourage the Unite Students team and other students to consider environmental issues in their everyday life.

What sort of actions are people taking?

It’s often difficult to engage such a diverse range of people, but actions such as promotion of the slogan #wrapupforwinter have been used to advise students to wear an extra layer of clothing if they’re cold in their room, instead of turning the heating on in order to save energy. This ran as a competition which had quite a good response from students, as did other energy saving schemes.

How are you finding the role?

I’m enjoying the role, and it doesn’t require too much time which is good for me as a third year student.

I’m responsible for communicating with the Green Impact team at the university and arranging regular meetings with the Unite team to discuss ideas and actions to complete as part of the Green Impact workbook. These can include promotional videos for saving energy in the Unite accommodation and other social media communications.

I’m developing my organisation and communication skills, as well as learning leadership and project management skills. I’m also getting experience of how a company such as Unite can promote sustainability to their key stakeholders.

Do you think this model could be rolled out to other halls of residence?

I think this model could be really successful in other halls of residence and benefit not only the teams involved but also the wider environment and really increase awareness of environmental issues.

Contact us about how Green Impact can work in halls of residence.

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