Sustainable Project Assistants' vital role in Green Impact

Tuesday 31-01-2017 - 16:27

How recent graduates are helping to shape, develop and progress Green Impact in their organisations.

Leading the Green Impact programme in an organisation takes knowledge, commitment and above all enthusiasm! Recent graduates in Sustainable Project Assistant (SPA) roles have been facilitating this for nearly eight years now. 

Change Agents UK recently ran their second training session for this year’s recruits. Nine SPAs gathered at NUS HQ over two days, sharing experiences and ideas and developing their project management skills. From Dundee’s brand new recruit, to those who have been working at NHS Trusts and universities in Bristol, Essex, Salford and Sheffield since September, the discussion was great.

In terms of of keeping teams motivated, we found that supporting SPAs and planning for their awards events was key. Each SPA brought a unique experience to the table, shared their ideas and helped others to develop theirs.

We are always keen for more knowledge transfer between participants, and through this and our series of webinars and support calls open to all organisation leads, we hope to encourage this as much as possible.

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