Q&A: Green Impact in student halls

Thursday 21-01-2016 - 13:50

Did you know that we run Green Impact in halls of residence? UNITE Students spoke to their volunteer Vladimir about his experience of driving sustainability across student halls.

Hi Vladimir. How did you get involved in Green Impact?

An email was circulated to students living in the halls provided by Unite Students, which explained a little bit about the Green Impact programme and the opportunities for students to get involved with it.

I had already started looking for volunteering roles in the sustainability area as it is something I am really interested in and I would like to pursue a career in the field in the future. Therefore, I immediately applied for the role as I wanted to learn more about ways of encouraging sustainable practices in people’s daily lives.

What sort of actions are people taking as part of Green Impact?

There is a huge variety of actions people can take, so it really depends on the local team to decide what they want to focus on.

The Manchester team, which I am a part of, organised a #WarmAndWinning competition, which encouraged students to think about saving energy through wearing more layers of clothing during the winter instead of turning on their heaters.

I even got my flat mates involved and took a picture of us wearing excessive amounts of clothes, but unfortunately we didn’t win the award as there were other more creative submissions.

How are you finding the role?

I find the role very interesting as it involves creative thinking and teamwork, while at the same time it is not too time consuming.

As I am writing a dissertation tied to the sustainability for my Mechanical Engineering course, and the fact that I want to work in the area, it is very useful for me to both learn about some non-technical ways of tackling sustainability issues and also get some practical experience. Being able to make a positive difference in my community is another important benefit.

What have you learnt through getting involved with Green Impact?

I have learned how to be more creative and practical when coming up with ways to promote different activities. Furthermore, I have managed to build on my interpersonal skills by working with a team of different people and engaging with a number of different students.

I have also developed a stronger ability to persuade people about the importance of sustainability. I have done that by learning more about the cumulative impact these actions have on our environment and by effectively communicating this information to other people.

Would you recommend taking part in Green Impact to other students?

I would definitely recommend Green Impact to others. Whether or not you are passionate about this area of work, you can certainly get a good amount of personal development and experience out of it.

Want to run Green Impact in your halls or want to know how to get invovled? Talk to us about it.

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