Green Impact at 10

Tuesday 14-06-2016 - 09:55

We’re looking back over a decade of transformative sustainability action through Green Impact.

2016/17 marks the ten year anniversary of Green Impact.

During this decade, the programme has transformed the sustainability agenda across and beyond the education sector. Over 23,000 students and staff have been working together to lead and shape this transformation over the last ten years – from behaviour change, to environmental improvements, to whole-organisation approaches.

To celebrate we’ll be hosting a number of events, the first of which took place at the annual EAUC conference.

Attendees from across the sector reflected on the impact of the programme, hearing the story of its creation from Jamie Agombar, head of sustainability at NUS. Martin Wiles, head of sustainability at the University of Bristol also reflected on how the programme had led to other programmes and successes due to its ability to engage with staff and students from a wide range of disciplines.

We also curated a special exhibition, looking back over the history of NUS’ sustainability work and how Green Impact has acted as a platform for transformative change across the student movement.

Beginning back when NUS’ greening work was limited to our commercial activity, these ten objects charted the rise of students’ unions taking their own action on sustainability, right through the full Green Impact journey, to the internationalist future of our work in 2016 and beyond.

The event was hosted by the students’ union at the University of West England which was very appropriate given the evening also saw them receive our first post-pilot Responsible Futures accreditation in recognition for their partnership work with the institution with regards to embedding sustainability within the curriculum. For more information on the award and their achievements, see our recent news article.

Not only have we turned ten, but we've won a UNESCO award. Check out what key figures from ten years of Green Impact have to say about the achivement.

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