SOS - Students Organizing for Sustainability

SOS was founded to bring together student groups globally – to facilitate collaboration on research, campaigns and communications, to help increase capacity, and to forge a loud student voice on sustainability at a political level.


Since founding in 2014, we’ve reached members from all six continents. There’s been huge desire from the tertiary education sector to see us succeed. However, we haven’t had any resources and there’s been no driving force to help nurture relationships and achieve our goals.


This is about to change. We’re delighted that we can announce a next step in SOS’ journey. DSF in Denmark and NUS-UK have recently submitted an application to the Danish government to establish SOS as a formal organisation – we’re going to have resources and time to really foster good relationships with our members, reach more student groups and help us achieve those original goals. We’re talking to the UN Environment programme about going into partnership with them, to lead their youth development programme.


As part of this change, we’ve closed the original SOS platform, moving to a new website (coming soon) and social media based communication. We’ll keep you informed of these changes when they happen. We’d also really like to hear from you in terms of your thoughts on the proposed changes, and what SOS can do to best support your work. Please spend just a couple of minutes sharing with us via this survey, or if you’d rather talk to a person, get in touch to set up a Skype.