Below are a range of resources from NUS, other students' unions and the wider divestment movement to help you drive your campaign.

Our reports and research

We submitted freedom of information requests to all universities and colleges in the UK, as well as surveying staff and students across the country.

We used our findings to produce two reports - one on the state of investments across our education sector, and one on attitudes towards fossil fuels, renewables and investments.

Campaign packs and reports

Don't Dither - Divest! - our full campaign guide to tell you what divestment is, why it matters, how to get started, and how to win.
Ethical Investments by Universities in Scotland - a full report into the state of ethical investment in Scotland's higher education sector.
Student attitudes towards divestment - a snapshot of students' thoughts around divestment from March 2015
Positive reinvestment - a briefing which outlines loads of ethical projects, equity funds and bonds which universities could invest in instead of fossil fuels.
Emissions Impossible - why divest to invest?

How to get your institution to divest and reinvest - a 2017 campaign outline to support your divestment activism

Social media graphics

Shareable graphics with divestment demands - share these on your or your SU's social media accounts and tag your institution! #divestinvest #emissionsimpossible

Motions on divestment and reinvestment

Generic templates for a motion on divestment to pass at your students' union: Emissions Impossible template motion / Fossil Free Student Union motion 
An example of an actual motion on divestment passed at Cambridge: University of Cambridge Students' Union's divestment motion 

A template motion to get your union to support the Global Divestment Mobilisation 2017

Divestment demands to university management

Birmingham Students' Union have kindly shared their divestment demands document

Do you have resources to share with other students' unions working on divestment? Is there anything you'd find helpful? Let us know.